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Tales of a Cocksucker

I set up an account on a hook up site about three years ago.  I didn’t add pictures or fill out profile information.  I didn’t think I would actually use the site.  I wanted to see what was out there.  I don’t have to tell you there wasn’t much so I didn’t bother to update it.  Since the gray has taken over my beard, I don’t get hit on in bars that much anymore.  I revisited the site, added pictures and a brief description thinking I would get the same response as I got in bars.  Imagine my surprise when I didn’t.

I received an email from an African-American gentleman.  In the email, he said I had a beautiful mouth.  I sent a reply telling him he had a beautiful cock.  He responded he had only been on the site three days and all he got was talk.  Where are the whores?, he questioned using all caps.  I replied I had blown a guy I met on the site the night before and if he wanted the same, I’d make it happen but if all he wanted to do was bitch about the site, he could hit up someone else.  He then told me where he was, but he was on the way to meet someone already.  Okay, I thought, teased then dissed.  Typical hook up site garbage.  He sent his number and asked me to text him.  In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought as I sent a text.  He sent me his address and asked if I would be available over the weekend.  I told him I would be his pig in waiting.  I never thought he would text me again.  But he did.

I drove to his place after work.  I sent him a text letting him know I was in the parking lot of his apartment complex and he came down to meet me.  First thing I noticed was his height.  He was shorter than me, which is no big deal because I planned on spending the majority of my time with him on my knees.  We went inside his apartment and he led me to his bedroom.  He had a computer on a desk and I noticed he was logged in to the site.  He also had a big screen TV on which some pretty good porn was playing.  He asked if I minded and I told him no.  Do what you gotta do, I said, all the excitement I need is between your legs.  He told me he had taken a pill and he asked if I would mind waiting till it worked its magic.  Not a problem, I said, I’ll enjoy the show.  We chatted for about 15 minutes before he excused himself to go to the bathroom.

When he returned, he turned off the overhead light and laid down on his bed.  When he spread his legs, I undressed and slid between them.  His cock was beautiful.  I licked his hefty sac before taking the tip into my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around his crown and puffed up with pride a little when he moaned.  I took my time and worked all seven inches into my throat.  I hummed a little when he reached the back to show him I’d done this once or twice.  He wore a snap on cock-ring and his pubic hair was trimmed to stubble, another first for me.  I could feel him getting hard in my mouth so I picked up the pace.  Sucking, slobbering, bobbing.  All of which produced muffled moans from him.  After paying more attention to his crown, I swallowed all seven inches with such force I pinched my upper lip on his cock-ring.  He responded by placing his hand on the back of my head and telling me to choke on it.  I pulled off his cock and politely told him I would choke on it, but since you didn’t kiss the throat, you don’t get to fuck the throat.  He didn’t argue.

Normally, I work hands free.  As a cocksucker, I take pride in the fact my mouth does all the work.  I don’t do hand jobs or blow hand jobs or whatever they are called.  But his spit shined cock looked so damn good, I wrapped my hand around the base and slapped my tongue with his tool.  Then I rubbed his shaft through my beard which made him moan loudly.  On cue, I swallowed him whole and choked myself.  I didn’t spit him out.  I took a deep breath and forced more of him down my throat.  So much I learned the cock-ring he was wearing was made of real leather by taste.  He let me know he was going to shoot and I started sucking again.  Up, down, up, down then one last trip to the base.  As I was pulling back, he let loose.  He pumped four good shots right across my tongue.  I became rock hard as his seed spilled into my mouth.  I swallowed it all in one big gulp and he enjoyed his taste.

While he caught his breath, I licked every inch of his deflating masterpiece until he told me to stop.  I kissed the head of his cock, my signature parting shot, then asked if I could lie down beside him as he recuperated.  He opened his arm and nodded yes.  He asked if I only serviced African-Americans and I told him no.  I also shared he was my first as I rubbed every part of his body he would let me touch.  His chest puffed up a little at that, I believe.  He told me I had an interesting technique (another first for me) and he congratulated me for getting his nut without the pill.  Well, you didn’t invite me over here to decorate, now did you? I thought as I licked his still erect nipple.

He never touched me and I never asked.  I got what I needed.  He told me he had a paper to write and showed me to the door.

Thanks for the load, buddy.


Twitter salutations

First, many thanks for the follow.  If I don’t say it directly to you, both it and you are appreciated.

While the Twitter bio gives you the gist of my existence, here are a few highlights.  The avatar picture is me and as I live in a state in which I can be terminated for who I am, that is all I’m willing to show publicly.   I am a homosexual by birth, single by choice, and a pig by the grace of God.  I am a proud member of the Bareback Brotherhood.  I really like having sex with men and watching men have sex with each other.  My status is none of your business unless I am sitting in your lap or I’ve extended an invitation to you to sit in mine.  The two people from whom I sought approval no longer walk this Earth so think of me what you will.

I tweet and re-tweet pictures of men in various states of undress.  I tweet songs stuck in my head, things that tickle my funny bone, and glimpses of joy.  I try not to tweet negativity or in the heat of the moment, but I am human and a work in progress.  I gladly follow back.  I have no problem with eggs or women, however I will not follow you back.  If you unfollow me, I will pay you the same courtesy.  I tweet mostly from my phone which makes me a lurker.  I work 10 hour days Monday through Saturday and I occasionally miss if you @ me.  I promise I am not ignoring you and I will probably favorite that tweet when I get the chance.  Which is why I don’t get my knickers in a knot if I @ you and you don’t respond.  I am used to being ignored by beautiful men except bartenders.  Please do not DM me about any rumors.  They are all true.  Also, please do not DM me about embarrassing pictures of me on the Internet.  I can count on my one hand the pictures of me on the Internet.  You will be reported for spamming.  Finally, I do not use Twitter as a dating/hook up service.  If you want to hook up with me, look for my profile on BarebackRT or

I maintain my own Follow Friday list and it is updated regularly.  If you are a Brother, you’ll make the list.  If you tweet witty, pretty, or gritty, you’ll make the list.  If you are handsome personified, you’ll make the list, but don’t worry unless you’re Colin Steele or Paul Morris, I keep my tweets to myself.

I look forward to getting updates from your journey and I thank you again for following mine.